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For a complete description of Philakahle's initiatives please click here or contact them directly at Philakahle@lantic.net


The goal of Thing With No Name is to raise awareness and funds about and for people affected by HIV/AIDS.If you are interested in supporting the people of Okhahlamba in their fight against this epidemic, we are currently fundraising for a local NGO, Philakahle. This organization operates in the area where the film takes place, providing critical support to the people.

Vision Statement: Philakahle's vision is to promote abundant life for all the people of Okhahlamba, by building relationships of hope, love and holistic support.

You can support Philakahle's initiatives in the following areas:

>> Community Support: The Community Support Project originated as a pilot program to address the needs of those on antiretroviral (ARV) medication.

>> Churches, Channels of Hope : This project aims to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS in Okhahlamba Municipality by partnering with churches and developing a response to the pandemic.

>> Zamimpilo Community Centre :   Renovations are currently underway to turn this community centre into an affordable training centre that will be able to serve the wider community with workshops and trainings supported by local NGO's, CBO's, and government and church organizations.

>>Youth Value Based Life Skills Program: This program seeks to reduce HIV infection rates in young people by reducing the risk taking behavior in general.

>>Intersectoral Forum: Philakahle facilitates a networking forum with the aim of connecting service organizations across Okhahlamba.